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A good packaging makes the difference in any case.

"The envelopes of Paper Angels were great for my Christmas greeting cards. They fitted perfectly and their designs were just lovely. My daughter's birthday is coming and I know where to fit those invitations."  
Haley Wanders

"I want to highlight the professionalism of Paper Angels regarding his services towards our company. They delivered quickly and efficiently, and their attention was flawless. It is the kind of firm another firm always wants to work with."  
George Larson

"Call me dated, but I still send letters to my friends every once in a while. It is just not the same as an e-mail, I believe that a letter has a certain magic on its own. It is good to find manufacturers like Paper Angels, who understand that and complete such magic with their own addition."  
Paula Chambers
Envelope solutions for both decorative and business purposes.